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Indie Pool Waives Setup Fee for Digital Distribution in DownToJam’s Backstage Pass

Nick Austin

We’re happy to report that Indie Pool has joined the DownToJam Backstage Pass.

Since 1996, Indie Pool has offered manufacturing and distribution services to countless independent musicians across Canada. Indie Pool distributes to iTunes worldwide, making your music easily accessible to fans everywhere, and allowing you to check sales and pay yourself at any time.

With the purchase of a Backstage Pass, you’ll get the $75 + HST setup fee for multi-service digital distribution costs waived in full.

Take a look at this short video to learn more about the variety of services that Indie Pool can provide for your indie band.

The DTJ Backstage Pass is a bundle of discounts on music-related goods and services. You’ll find discounts on rehearsal space rentals, recording time, band photography, music video production, custom band merch, and more. It’s over $10,000 in savings at an incredibly low price.

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