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Start Famous Offers Discounts on Custom Merch through DownToJam’s Backstage Pass

Start Famous

We’re thrilled to announce that Start Famous has joined our incredible group of service providers in our Backstage Pass.

Start Famous is a socially conscious custom print shop. From t-shirts to hats to vinyl stickers, they offer a wide selection of products in an assortment of sizes and colour. They’re committed to quality products and a fast turnaround, and the design staff ensure that customers are getting a fresh look with every order.

With the purchase of a Backstage Pass, you’ll save big on your next custom order through Start Famous.

Watch this quick video to learn more about all of the great products that Start Famous can create for you and your band.

The DTJ Backstage Pass is a bundle of discounts on music-related goods and services. You’ll find discounts on rehearsal space rentals, recording time, band photography, music video production, custom band merch, and more. It’s over $10,000 in savings at an incredibly low price.

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