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DTJ Update – Faster, More Reliable, and More Secure

We’ve been working hard at making DownToJam faster, more reliable, and more secure. We want the best experience for our members and visitors to our site, and have been following up on all the insightful comments and suggestions you send us. It all helps in shaping the way DTJ works.

In short, we beefed up our security. We take privacy very seriously at DownToJam. You’ll notice “HTTPS” now appears in the URL for the site. This represents enhanced security for you as you enter personal information. The connection between your computer (or tablet/phone) and the DTJ web servers is now sent over SSL/TLS, which means all data in transit is encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM.

Screenshot of

The less complicated version: our techno wizard Neil McWilliamhas sprinkled magic dust on to make things better for everyone.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please continue to spread the word about DTJ to your family and friends, and check out our Merch page where all sales go towards keeping our service free.

About the Author

Shaan Singha, from Toronto, is the Co-Founder of DownToJam. Musician, but new to guitars.


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