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Theory of a Dad, Man Talks to DownToJam about the Website, the Early Days, and the Backstage Pass

This excerpt was published with permission by Daniel Gerichter. The full interview can be found on his blog.

Last month, DownToJam’s Co-Founder Troy Fullerton sat down with blogger Daniel Gerichter to discuss DownToJam’s history and what the future holds for the company. Here’s a small taste of what they discussed:

What did the initial version of DownToJam look like?

It took a couple months to build a beta version of the site. In the fall of 2013, we launched a version we were happy with and that had no bugs. We wanted to see the public’s reaction to our service, and when our expectations were validated by the high number of signups over the first few months, we started tweaking the design and adding/deleting/modifying features. The core features haven’t changed very much, but we still continue to tweak the design to always ensure our users have a great experience on the site.

How has it changed and improved over time?

When you have a solid foundation, it makes it easy to refine the site. We continue to improve our matching algorithm, our search engine, and implement as many changes as possible that come in from our members.

What kinds of features are you looking to add in future releases?

The most exciting addition to is our Backstage Pass program, which we’re launching on September 6th. DownToJam is partnering with music-related service providers and vendors who are offering exclusive discounts on their services or products to members on DownToJam. These are discounts you won’t see anywhere else. We’re bundling the discounts into what we’re calling Backstage Passes, and selling them for an unbeatable price. In one pass, you might get an hour free at a rehearsal space + an hour free at a recording studio + 15% off guitar strings at a local retail shop + 50% off music video production + 40% off lawyer services related to your band, and so on. Musicians will save hundreds and thousands of dollars when they purchase some of these Passes. We’ll be launching our program in Ontario, Canada to start and then in our more popular regions over time.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

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