Frequently Asked Questions

DownToJam is free to use, and we will never sell your information. We will offer deals for products and services through us and our partners at times, which you can optionally take advantage of.
When you sign up at DownToJam, a profile is automatically created with the information entered in the sign-up form. In order to update and complete your profile, after you log in, select Edit Profile from the Profile menu on the top toolbar, or select Update your Profile from the Your Account box on the dashboard.
Band accounts are treated the same as individual accounts. When you sign up, in the Musician Type drop-down menu, select Band. It is best to assign one band member administrative rights over the account. You update the Band account in the same way you update an individual profile.
If you receive any messages that are inappropriate in nature, you can report and/or block the user who's sending them to you. Both options appear on the right side of every profile on the site. You can also email with detailed information about the issue. We will review the situation and take the necessary actions to ensure your experience on the website is a good one.
Because there will be. DownToJam is growing fast and people will discover what a great service we provide. Create a detailed profile so when musicians from your area do sign up, they will see you right away. DownToJam is as much about being found as it is about finding others.

After you sign up for an account on, an activation email is automatically sent to the email address you used when you signed up. Depending on the email service provider you use and the security you have in place, sometimes this email is filtered into a junk mail or spam folder. Check these folders to see if the activation email is in one of them.

If you can't find the activation email or you're having any other troubles signing in, please contact us right away at and we'll get you up and running as soon as possible.

We love to hear any and all stories related to music. If you feel like you have got a doozie, contact us at and pitch your story. If we like the idea, write it up and send it to us. We will post the story and promote it on our social media platforms.

For the best matching results, fill out your profile in as much detail as possible and respond to as many of the "Get Matched" statements as you can (this section appears on the dashboard after you log in). All that information is processed by us, and output as music knobs which represent your compatibility to jam with that person. If you hover over the music knob with your mouse, you will see the corresponding compatibility represented as a percentage.

Musical Compatibility compares musical preferences (like genres and instruments), musical influences, and music knowledge. Are you musically compatible with this person?

Jamming Compatibility compares jamming logistics (like location) and preferences (like frequency of jams, etc). Are you physically able to jam with this person and have similar jamming goals? (Important note: Keep in mind that you could still reach out and collaborate with someone remotely to make music over the internet if they are musically compatible with you)

  • Here is a list of the potential knob settings to showcase your musical and jamming compatibilities:

  • 1 - Terrible Match It's a terrible match so we wouldn't recommend jamming with them.
  • 2 - Bad Match Bad matchup. Proceed with caution.
  • 3 - Pretty Bad Match This matchup is a slippery slope. Pretty bad matchup.
  • 4 - Not Immediately Compatible Not immediately compatible. Probably won't have any vibes together.
  • 5 - Mediocre Match Mediocre match, but you might want to reach out to them.
  • 6 - Good Match Good match. You guys are compatible to jam together.
  • 7 - Great Match Great match! You should contact each other and jam.
  • 8 - Awesome Match Awesome match! Have them on speed dial. Add them to your crew.
  • 9 - Incredible Match Incredible match! You have a ton in common. Get jamming!
  • 11 - Turned up to 11! Through the roof! Turned up to 11 just like.
  • Match Unavailable We can't determine matching compatibility because profile info is missing.

We are sorry to see you go! But if you must, you can de-activate your account by selecting the De-Activate Your Account link on the Edit Profile page (select from the Profile menu on the top toolbar). When you de-activate your account, you will no longer be seen on the website and members will not be able to contact you (unless you already provided alternative contact details to any member).

To save you time in case you decide to come back to the website, you can simply log-in using the same credentials and your account will automatically be re-activated. We will retain your information on file with this option.

See "How do I Delete My Account?" in the FAQ for instructions on completely deleting your information from our service.

If you would like to completely delete your information from DownToJam, we offer this capability from your PROFILE page. Simply log in, click Profile, Edit Your Profile, then scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see an option for Delete Account. Follow the steps on screen to delete your account completely from our database.

Note that if you would rather re-activate your account at a later date, then see the section titled "How do I De-Activate my account?" in the FAQ. We have the option of temporarily disabling your account while you are on tour for example.

If you're interested in doing targetted ads to musicians in a specific area, then you've come to the right spot!

Head on over to our Advertise page for more information.

DownToJam takes a privacy by design approach when collecting and storing your information. We only collect what information is needed for our service and never sell your information to anyone. The way DownToJam monetizes it's product is by offering products or services to our members, not by selling personal information.

DownToJam is fully compliant with the EU GDPR regulations and other equivalent legislations, such as PIPEDA and HIPAA. You can request a copy of your information on file to if it is needed. You can also be assured that DownToJam takes every measure possible to protect your data, including securing our networks and ensuring we use industry standard security.

Please read through our Privacy Policy for more information.